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Pinewood Derby Car, Race Truck, Body Only

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This Pinewood Derby Car is a pre cut pinewood derby racer that is shaped like a Race Truck, Body only. Lightly sand to finish or file and shape a little more to really capture that race truck look. You may also shape to your own futuristic concept truck. 1 pre shaped unfinished rough cut body only, includes instruction. The car dimensions are 2-9/16" wide, 7" long, 1-1/2 high. Wheel base is 4-3/8", wheel tracking is 1-3/4".  Our pinewood derby full car bodies feature a key hole axle slot design. You get both a drilled hole and a slot combination. This allows for ease of axle installation with accurate results. If your race require axles slots only, this car meets that rule. Check out the close up picture of the wheel well to see the key hole slot. This pre cut pinewood derby car kit is legal in most Pinewood Derby formats and meets most pinewood derby rules. Before purchasing any pre cut car, consult your race rules or race organizer before purchasing. Thanks and good racing!